4 Independents

As an independent you probably wish you could spend less time tirelessly trying to market your business on line and more time on arranging your bookings and running your business. With our ever growing and evolving list of directories offering free listings to independents such as yourself we make it easy, quick and hassle free to target those directories and get your profile up and running on them. To get the most out of our list it is important you follow the instructions and requirements set out by each directory to ensure your listing application is approved swiftly. Avoid trying to add yourself to directories whose listing criteria you do no meet – don’t try and list on an all Oriental directory if you are not an Oriental!

Let Me At Them!

Once you have your photos (genuine, high quality photos), your bio and all your details and rates ready and as you want then you are in a good place to start off your marketing campaign FREE and benefit from the extra coverage you are about to get on line! If you have enjoyed using our service and have seen the benefit we would be thrilled if you add our tiny little banner on your web site to help us keep helping you!

The List

Below is our ever evolving list of escort directories that offer free advertising opportunities to independent escorts such as yourself. Click on each one for details on getting your site listed with them.