Marketing your escort site

Part 1 : SEO

Whether you run your own escort business as an independent provider or you run an escort agency you are probably aware by now that building your website is only the first part of creating a successful online business. There are currently over 1 Billion (yes billion) websites out there and this number is continously growing. It may be true that only a tiny number of those may be escort related websites, however, that still equates to a huge number so the only way you are going to get your site noticed is by having a solid and continuous marketing strategy which compromises of at least one, though ideally a few, of the marketing options open to you. This week we focus on search engine optimisation or SEO as it’s called.

In the hands of the Gods

Now you have all probably heard of SEO and no doubt get emails almost daily from “SEO experts” promising you all sorts of ranking miracles. The truth of the fact is if you are serious about SEO you need to be prepared to spend time and money to get there. Essentially you will be targeting two search engines, Google and Bing as almost all search traffic currently comes from them with Google being far ahead of Bing on that. The search engines will rank you based on a whole number of factors which include maturity of site, content quality and new content frequency, site’s responsiveness (mobile and tablet ready), your social media presence as well as things like Meta tags, H1 headings and so on, there are many more criteria! This amount of work needed monthly or even weekly puts SEO out of the scope of most independent escorts and can take up most of the monthly budget of a new escort agency just starting out and looking to test the waters, and at the end of it nothing is guaranteed as no one can truly guarantee you the ranking they say they will achieve for you as it’s all in the hands of the search engines. That is not to say that great results are achievable through SEO carried out in the right way (white hat SEO as it’s called) but you must have a long term strategy and realistic goals. Even then, it’s not uncommon for Google to update their search algorithm at any time and seemingly completely erase years of SEO work because they wish to update/amend or tweak their ranking criteria making you feel that you are in the hands of the Gods and they will do with you what they will.

When it works

Of course all this does not mean you should or even can ignore SEO. You should simply do as much as you can or can afford to pay someone to do for you. To start with your site’s Meta tags, titles, keywords and descriptions should be properly added following Google’s White Hat policies. The content on your pages (text information) needs to be well written, descriptive of your site and services and NOT jam packed with keywords. All this can be done cheaply and would be the correct starting point. Thereafter you need to look at periodically adding new and relevant content, build up some good links coming in and get your social network set up and running with frequent posts. If you have the time or the resources to achieve that then you are well on your way to being picked up by the search engines and being ranked accordingly. From this starting position you can then modify and tweak things to attain better rankings in time, hopefully.

Next time we will be looking at escort directories and the role they can play in marketing your services.

Free Escort Advertising

quote1We all love something for nothing but all too often free doesn’t REALLY mean free, however, things are slightly different in the on line escort industry, as you would probably expect.
For an escort directory to succeed in a very competitive market it needs to achieve a number of ‘musts’. Firstly, it must have a good flow of targeted traffic which successful directories often achieve through search engine ranking as well as on line and traditional marketing. Secondly, it must have a professional and user friendly web site as ultimately these escort directories are here to serve the punter and to make the experience of browsing and booking escorts as easy and as enjoyable as possible. The final ‘must’, and probably the most important, is that these listing directories must have good content. It’s paramount that they have a large and up to date database of escorts for the cities and countries they are marketing themselves for. This means that the business model most directories go for is the one where they offer free listings to all those eligible and make their income from premium paid adverts. So, as long as you meet their listing criteria, they often need you as much as you need them and that’s when escort advertising becomes REALLY free!

Free can sometimes really mean FREE

Our new site is officially launching very soon and as you can see we are busy putting things together. Our focus is to make is as easy as possible for you to track and submit to multiple escort directories by providing you wish an extensive list of directories as well as detailed information to help you list with them with minimum fuss. We hope to be an invaluable resource in your marketing toolbox!