Free Escort Advertising

quote1We all love something for nothing but all too often free doesn’t REALLY mean free, however, things are slightly different in the on line escort industry, as you would probably expect.
For an escort directory to succeed in a very competitive market it needs to achieve a number of ‘musts’. Firstly, it must have a good flow of targeted traffic which successful directories often achieve through search engine ranking as well as on line and traditional marketing. Secondly, it must have a professional and user friendly web site as ultimately these escort directories are here to serve the punter and to make the experience of browsing and booking escorts as easy and as enjoyable as possible. The final ‘must’, and probably the most important, is that these listing directories must have good content. It’s paramount that they have a large and up to date database of escorts for the cities and countries they are marketing themselves for. This means that the business model most directories go for is the one where they offer free listings to all those eligible and make their income from premium paid adverts. So, as long as you meet their listing criteria, they often need you as much as you need them and that’s when escort advertising becomes REALLY free!